Not only Tintoretto

Not only Tintoretto

As well as Jacopo Tintoretto’s famous canvases, the Scuola holds a large number of important artworks, commissioned or bequeathed over its long history.

Among the most important pictures are those of Giorgione, Titian and Tiepolo, but there are also others of note by Antonio Zanchi, Pietro Negri and Giovanni Antonio Fumiani.

Among the sculptures in wood, the allegorical panels of Francesco Pianta and Giovanni Marchiori’s reliefs in the Sala Capitolare.

Also of great value are:

  • the precious objects in the Treasury on public show
  • the ancient vestments, kept, as they were originally, in the drawers of the dresser in the Sala d’Albergo
  • the impressive sixteenth century Mamluk carpet, both for size and quality one of the most important in the world
  • textiles from the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries
  • an important collection of ceramics
  • a substantial holding of ‘minor’ paintings from a variety of schools.
Processional cross, Veneto, XVIIth c.
Coral candelabra, Veneto, XVth c.
Star-shaped tile with feminine heads, Iran, Kashan, XIIIth c.